Played Artist Name Song Title Album
Jun 24 8:45am Mac DeMarco On The Level This Old Dog
Jun 24 8:41am Attic Ted So it Goes Parade Dust Mischief
Jun 24 8:36am Curse of Lono Each Time You Hurt Severed
Jun 24 8:33am Art In Manilla Set The Woods On Fire Set The Woods On Fire
Jun 24 8:30am The Big Moon Bonfire Love in the 4th Dimension
Jun 24 8:26am Speedy Ortiz Raising The Skate Foil Deer
Jun 24 8:23am Adult Mom Full Screen Soft Spots
Jun 24 8:19am Hot Panda 1995 How Come I'm Dead?
Jun 24 8:15am Black Star You Already Knew Black Star Aretha
Jun 24 8:11am Minihorse Drink You Dry Big Lack
Jun 24 8:08am Beach Fossils Down the Line Somersault
Jun 24 8:04am Blockhead Get Your Regal On Uncle Tony's Coloring Book
Jun 24 8:00am White Reaper Judy French The World's Best American Ba
Jun 24 7:57am Pinegrove New Friends Everything So Far
Jun 24 7:53am Ty Segall It's A Problem $ingle$ 2
Jun 24 6:56am Ghost of the Russian Empire The Winter Soldier The Mammoth
Jun 24 6:54am Miwa Gemini Traveling Man This Is How I Found You
Jun 24 6:51am Real Estate White Light In Mind
Jun 24 6:48am Girlpool 123 Powerplant
Jun 24 6:43am Temples Celebration Volcano
Jun 24 6:40am Paleo Buddy Buddy Fruit of the Spirit
Jun 24 6:40am Virginia Woolf 2017-06-24 06:37:52 Robyn Hitchcock
Jun 24 6:34am Allo Darlin' Crickets in the Rain We Come from the Same Place
Jun 24 6:29am (Sandy) Alex G Proud Rocket
Jun 24 6:24am The Shacks Orchids The Shacks EP
Jun 24 6:21am Meat Puppets Inflatable No Joke
Jun 24 6:18am Wavves Excersise You're Welcome
Jun 24 6:15am The Can't Tells Basement No Television
Jun 24 6:12am Deep State Idiot Waster Thought Garden
Jun 24 6:07am Wwoman Wheres My Lover Let Us Sleep Together
Jun 24 6:03am the Mountain Goats Stench of the Unburied Goths
Jun 24 6:00am Fraser A. Gorman Big Old World Slow Gum
Jun 24 5:57am Tinnarose Golden Hearts My Pleasure Has Returned
Jun 24 5:53am Modern Aquatic IDK Laurel Leaves EP
Jun 24 5:50am Black Lips Occidental Front(ft. Yoko On Satan's Graffiti or God's Ar
Jun 24 5:48am Diet Cig Leo Swear I'm Good At This
Jun 24 5:44am Tenement Halls Plenty Is Never Enough Knitting Needles & Bicycle B
Jun 24 5:42am Sneeze Attack Who Am I? Maxwell
Jun 24 5:37am Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Hoshi Neko Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
Jun 24 5:32am Slowdive Don't Know Why Slowdive
Jun 24 5:28am Spookyland Big Head Beauty Already Beautiful
Jun 24 5:24am Bon Iver Calgary Bon Iver
Jun 24 5:21am Hoops Rules Routines
Jun 24 5:18am Canvas People Empty House Sirens
Jun 24 5:14am The Velveteins Midnight Surf Slow Wave
Jun 24 5:12am SNEAKS Inside Edition It's A Myth
Jun 24 5:08am Future Islands Time on her Side The Far Field
Jun 24 5:04am Darkside Paper Trails Psychic
Jun 24 4:59am Memory House Lately The Years
Jun 24 4:57am Fred Thomas Sunburn Peel Flood
Jun 24 4:51am Cigarettes After Sex K. Cigarettes After Sex
Jun 24 4:47am Father John Misty Ballod of the Dying Man Pure Comedy
Jun 24 4:43am David Beck The Great Mystery KTSW C-Sides
Jun 24 4:40am Tokyo Police Club The Baskervilles Elephant Shell
Jun 24 4:37am The Cuckoos Get It On EP
Jun 24 4:33am Blood Pumps Long Gossip America & Burgers
Jun 24 4:31am White Reaper Party Next Door The World's Best American Ba
Jun 24 4:27am Vinyl Williams Emerald Isle Brunei
Jun 24 4:23am The Most Serene Republic Compliance Population
Jun 24 4:19am Temples Strange Or Be Forgotten Volcano
Jun 24 4:15am Glass Ghost Life Is For The Living Lyfe
Jun 24 4:13am Tops Dayglow Bimbo Sugar at the Gate
Jun 24 4:08am Evolfo Moon Eclipsed The Sun Last of The Acid Cowboys
Jun 24 4:05am Sleater-Kinney Surface Envy Live In Paris
Jun 24 4:02am TEENS Tokyo Love Yes
Jun 24 3:58am The Blind Shake Demox Celebrate Your Worth
Jun 24 3:54am Big Theif Shark Smile Capacity
Jun 24 3:52am Pile Texas A Hairshirt of Purpose
Jun 24 3:48am Sylvan Esso Slack Jaw What Now
Jun 24 3:43am Dungen Familj Tio Bitar
Jun 24 3:38am Walrus Step Outside Family Hangover
Jun 24 3:34am Jagwar Ma Ordinary Every Now & Then
Jun 24 3:31am Real Estate Same Sun In Mind
Jun 24 3:30am Cool Blue Hello 2017-06-24 03:25:46 Monomyth
Jun 24 3:25am Seattle Bound 2017-06-24 03:22:05 Big Tree
Jun 24 3:19am Diet Cig Link In Bio I Swear I'm Good At This
Jun 24 3:16am The Audible Doctor The Vibe (Feat. Oddisee & Ha
Jun 24 3:13am Chastity Belt Caught in a Lie I Used to Spend So Much Time
Jun 24 3:07am Molly Burch Torn To Pieces Please Be Mine
Jun 24 3:04am Jose James Always There Love in a Time of Maddness
Jun 24 3:01am Wedding Dress Soldier's Jawline Desperate Glow
Jun 24 2:57am Caravan Palace Comics <[o_o]>
Jun 24 2:54am Andrew St. James Laura The "Big Ole Veronica Apolog
Jun 24 2:49am Timber Timbre Grifting Sincerely, Future Poulution
Jun 24 2:45am Little Dragon Sweet Season High
Jun 24 2:42am Matt & Kim No More Long Years Matt & Kim
Jun 24 2:39am Football, etc Save Corner
Jun 24 2:35am El Perro Del Mar Clean Your Window KoKoro
Jun 24 2:32am Mac DeMarco For The First Time This Old Dog
Jun 24 2:28am Jay Som Unlimited Touch Turn Into
Jun 24 2:24am White Denim Paint Yourself Fits
Jun 24 2:21am NE-HI Out of Reach Offers
Jun 24 2:18am Alabama Shakes Over My Head Sound + Color
Jun 24 2:14am Afghan Whigs Demon in Profile In Spades
Jun 24 2:08am Christian Loffler Haul Move
Jun 24 2:04am The Black Angels Hunt Me Down Death Song
Jun 24 2:01am Tijuana Panthers Baby I'm Bored Semi Sweet
Jun 24 1:58am Xavier Omar Speculate The Everlasting Wave
Jun 24 1:55am Toma 1000 Times Aroma
Jun 24 1:53am Warm Soda Tell Me In A Whisper I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Jun 24 1:48am Marika Hackman Time's Been Reckless I'm Not Your Man
Jun 24 1:43am Belles of Skin City Robots Are People Too You Do The Company Proud
Jun 24 1:39am Sarah Bethe Nelson Hazy Oh, Evolution
Jun 24 1:35am Dogs On Acid Make It Easy Dogs On Acid
Jun 24 1:32am Sylvan Esso Signal What Now
Jun 24 1:30am Zomba Prison Project Take Care of Yourself I Will Not Stop Singing
Jun 24 1:26am The Roots Dear God 2.0 How I Got Over
Jun 24 1:23am Vagabon Fear + Force Infinite Worlds
Jun 24 1:18am Cut Copy Free Your Mind Free Your Mind
Jun 24 1:15am Elliot Smith Ballad of Nothing Either/Or
Jun 24 1:10am Loose Tooth Little Blue Big Day
Jun 24 1:08am L??win Heave Ho
Jun 24 1:05am Weaves Candy Weaves
Jun 24 1:02am Mae Shi Eat the Prize Heartbeeps
Jun 24 12:59am Johnny Flynn Tunnels A Larum
Jun 24 12:54am Sir Was In The Midst Digging a Tunnel
Jun 24 12:51am The Orwells M.A.D Terrible Human Being
Jun 24 12:45am Spoon Do I Have to Talk You Into I Hot Thoughts
Jun 24 12:43am Features, The Offer Up Wilderness
Jun 24 12:41am Guided by Voices Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the O August by Cake
Jun 24 12:36am Mew Water Slides +- (Plus Minus)
Jun 24 12:33am Deep State Heavy Lunch Thought Garden
Jun 24 12:33am White Bed 2017-06-24 00:28:24 Jess Williamson
Jun 24 12:25am Ladyhawke Girl Like Me Anxiety
Jun 24 12:21am Benjamin Booker Believe Witness
Jun 24 12:18am Future Islands Heart Grows Old Wave Like Home
Jun 24 12:15am Molly Burch Wrong for You Please Be Mine
Jun 24 12:09am Blonde Redhead 3 O'Clock 3 O'Clock
Jun 24 12:06am Dion Lunadon Com/Broke Dion Lunadon
Jun 24 12:02am BadBadNotGood Speaking Gently IV